2018 Goals

Glass Clothing’s New Years Goals for 2018

New year, new us! 2018 is now upon us, and we’ve come up with two key goals that we want to achieve this year as a young, ethical clothing company.

More Inclusive

We pride ourselves on being a Brand of the Future. Primarily, this consists of getting young people active and involved in our brand, and us tackling social issues together. A big part of this is inclusivity and body positivity. It’s always been a big part of our ethos and identity to have confidence, happiness and vibrancy to represent our brand, rather than any specific way of looking. We do not agree with the media’s unrelenting obsession with unrealistic body types, as this is an unhealthy image for many young girls to aspire to. In 2017, we included models who fit our sizes small, medium, and large, from UK sizes 6-14 (est.). However, in 2018, we want to go even further, as the average woman in Britain is reportedly a size 16. We want every woman to feel included in our brand. Because of this, the next time we place an order to our tailors, we will extend our size range up into XL and XXL. Following this, we will be able to use models of even more diverse body types.

Giving Back

In 2018 we aim to give back to the community. This means getting involved with charities, donating money and products and creating lasting partnerships. It’s really important to us, as an ethical brand, to make a positive difference in the world. Our team is currently brainstorming different ideas related to this, and we have shortlisted several very worthwhile charities which we could pledge to support. Additionally, there are many different ways in which we can support them. One idea is to create a trouser design from which all profits would go to charity. In accordance with our key value of transparency, we would, of course, provide details of exactly where the money ends up and how it helps people. Whichever idea we choose, it’s our aim to have it in place by the end of 2018.

Three Months of Glass Clothing

Three Months Of Glass Clothing

It’s Glass Clothing’s three month anniversary! Yay!

Our ethical clothing brand is now three months old, and boy have we come far during that time!

Not only have we managed to source and work with amazing tailors in Lahore, Pakistan, we’ve provided their basic information, which we believe every one of our customers should have access to, right here on this website.

We’ve already got four stunning trouser designs, two Silky Flares and two Cotton Straight Leg Trousers, ready to buy now, for delivery or collection from two different locations.

Our pre-order sale was extremely successful, with the Purple Silky Flared Trousers almost going out of stock!!

Youth Involvement

In accordance with our identity as a young ethical fashion brand, we have already involved over 15 young people (17 years old or younger) in the creative and promotional side of the brand. This is amazing, as everyone who has worked with us has so many ideas and so much energy to offer. They are a big part of the reason why Glass Clothing has grown so quickly as an ethical brand in such a short space of time.

A large part of this was in the photos. We’ve had super fun photoshoots and taken some really awesome pictures. Because of this, our brand’s image has begun to visually reflect our ethos. We’ve made sure that confidence, happiness and vibrancy represent our brand.

Special thanks go to:

Photographer: Bella Taleghani


  • Hannah Gottlieb
  • Jemima Lane
  • Lissy Wynn
  • Anna Rafice
  • Ilana Cantor
  • Phoebe Head

Social Media

We have a wide social media presence, operating on over five major social media platforms. These are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Our combined following over all of these accounts amounts to around 400, in only three months! Similarly, this is thanks to everyone who has shouted us out on social media, this is a massive help every time and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Maria Gkoutzini, Megan Tang, Imogen Woods-Wilford, and Madeleine Ferris for submitting pictures for our social media accounts. Also thanks to Talia Raz and everyone else who gave us a shout out! <3

We’ve got SO MUCH planned for the next few months… But for now, thank you for supporting us this far! 🙂 x

International Shipping

International Shipping Launch

Since its launch in October 2017, Glass Clothing has been a UK-only ethical clothing company. Although we source materials and produce clothes in Lahore, Pakistan, all of our company staff have been based in London. Because of this, so far our delivery options have only extended to locations within the UK. However, due to increased interest from people living in the USA and Europe, Glass Clothing has now launched international shipping! Now, over 200 countries can have access to our ethical fashion items. Yay!

Our Ethos

As well as catering to interest from abroad, this change is also in keeping with our international mindset and global values, which we consider very important. Part of Glass Clothing’s ethos is to have a global positive influence, helping and benefiting people across the globe. We believe that everyone should have access to fairly made clothes, and crucial information about all of the people who are involved in making and producing them. Now, Glass Clothing can provide this on a much broader scale.


Our prices are consistent with the standard UK Royal Mail service.

How To Access International Shipping

First, find the ethical clothing item you would like purchase, whether its a Silky Flared Trouser or a Cotton Straight Leg Trouser, and press the Add to Cart button. Then, click on the shopping basket icon in the top-right-hand corner of the window. This will take you to your basket. The Geo-location tool on the website will automatically show you the correct pricing options for your area. There are two options – Standard Shipping and Tracked Shipping – for you to choose from.

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