CCP Teen Parcel

Collaboration With Cancer Care Parcel

Glass Clothing has launched a collaboration with Cancer Care Parcel ( Cancer Care Parcel (CCP) is a company which provides appropriate gifts for people with cancer. Everyone at both Glass Clothing and CCP are very excited about this collaboration.

Who Cancer Care Parcel Are

CCP was started by Dr Shara Cohen, a cancer survivor. During her battle with breast cancer, she realised that many people didn’t know what gifts to give to people affected by cancer and its treatment. Most people wanted to give something that would be useful and helpful but did not understand the illness themselves enough to do so. So, Shara started CCP, offering caring friends and family the opportunity to provide appropriate gifts for sufferers, carers and their families. Some parcels include items which help with the symptoms of cancer treatment, but also things to just help people relax. This helps them take their mind off treatment, which can be very overwhelming.

Other Work

CCP also donates to charities such as RareCareUK. Furthermore, they help with the charities’ awareness campaigns. Additionally, they write and source articles from the cancer community to benefit those affected by the illness. Now, they are pleased to be involved with an ethical fashion brand.

How Glass Clothing Became Involved

As part of fulfilling our New Year’s Resolutions to become involved in charitable and community projects, our Flower Straight Leg Cotton Trousers are now featured as part of the Teenage Parcel, for teens affected by cancer. Since the trousers are made from cotton, the skin is allowed to breathe. Also, the loose style allows patients to be comfortable, but still feel like they look good!

Honi Pein, CEO of Glass Clothing, is very excited about this partnership. She said,

‘I am so pleased that Glass Clothing is now going to play a part in making people’s cancer journey’s easier. I hope that with the trousers they can feel as if they still look amazing and feel confident even when in a hospital bed, as this is the feeling we want to bring into the world with our trousers. Also, like other owners of our ethical fashion items, they can feel guilt free!’

The Teenage Parcel is available to buy now.