Glass Clothing Photoshoot

Our Latest Photoshoot

Here are some of the best pics from our most recent photo shoot with amazing photographer Bella Taleghani! Bella has been taking photos with us since we launched as an ethical brand in 2017. She does an amazing job of capturing the life and vibrancy that we want to become synonymous with Glass Clothing.

Glass Clothing Photoshoot Glass Clothing Photoshoot Glass Clothing Photoshoot

Glass Clothing Photoshoot Glass Clothing Photoshoot Glass Clothing Photoshoot


  • Leah Lockwood
  • Orlaith Lindsay
  • Safiya Lim
  • Honi Pein, CEO

The photo shoot was SO much fun, with both the models and the photographer having a great time in Islington. We were lucky enough to have some lovely hipster coffee from the Coffee Works Project, who very nicely let us use their garden for our shoot. We followed this up with some burrito bowls and an ill prepared bus journey, where we thought we were going in one direction but were in fact going in the complete opposite. Once we realised, we had already travelled for 40 minutes into goodness knows where in the centre of London. Once we had figured out what had happened and where we were, we had to spend another 40 minutes waiting for the train to take us in the right direction. It was raining and we were annoyed, but in the end it was all quite funny.

As per our values and ethos as an ethical brand, our models are from all different ethnic backgrounds, from Chinese and Pakistani to Irish and Mauritian. Also, they represent sizes from Small to Large. Diversity is super important to us, as we want to show everyone that they have a place with us. Additionally, we believe that every body type and race deserves to be valued and celebrated. As of yet, we are no where near the level of inclusivity that we aspire to. As part of our New Year’s Resolutions, we have pledged to keep including and celebrating a more and more diverse range of beautiful people.

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