How to turn your spring clean into the start of a sustainable wardrobe

How to turn your spring clean into the start of a sustainable wardrobe

During these uncertain and confusing times, self improvement seems to be something many of us have adopted while indoors and, as spring is already here, a spring clean seems more than appropriate. Going through your clothes as part of a spring clean can cleanse your soul as well as your wardrobe. It can mark a […]

Emma Watson Ethical Fashion

How Emma Watson’s Fashion Choices are Ethically Magical

Sustainable fashion or unattainable luxury? How Emma Watson has influenced our actions in the realm of ethical fashion Sustainable and ethical fashion is an odd topic in the mainstream media. Either niche, luxuriously breaking the bank, or a snooze-fest. Coveteur have stated that it’s more likely to “prompt stifled yawns than inspire you to whip out […]

Dhaka Factory Fire

The 2012 tragedy of Tazreen Fashions

What negligence in the textile industry has led to In November 2012, Dhaka saw the nine story garment factory Tazreen Fashions set on fire as “A lot of people… [climbed] down the bamboo [scaffolding] tied against the building”, according to a worker at the factory, Zakir Hossain. This branded a scary mark in Bangladesh’s factory […]

Ethical Brands

How Can I Help? A List of Ethical Brands

To help answer this inner dilemma, we have collected a list of other ethical brands, so you can browse to make your lifestyle that bit more ethical through your house, wardrobe or makeup bag.We have a selection on chic, essentials and feel good clothing… Anyostories Producing “unique upcycled denim jackets”, this anyostories believes in “representing […]


A Quick History of Sweatshops

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Sweatshop” before, and might have imagined secluded factories such as in a dystopian film. But it is possible that this is the extent of your knowledge surrounding sweatshops. Glass Clothing, as an ethical clothing company, believes that the fog surrounding sweatshops needs to be cleared, as this subject is often swept […]