Marks and Spencers and Sweatshops

Marks and Spencer’s and Sweatshop Scandals

M&S, for years an icon of the British high street, has been the centre of several sweatshop scandals in the last few years. But what were these accusations, and have they improved? Exposure: In 2016, reporters in Turkey allegedly discovered Syrian refugees working for below minimum wage in factories producing M&S clothes. According to a […]

Victorias Secret Sweatshops

Victoria’s (Awful) Secret

For a long time, Victoria’s Secret has been a key player in the world of lingerie. The stores are a staple of any shopping centre or high street. If asked to name a scandal in the fashion industry, many people would suggest the lack of body diversity in the brand’s iconic Angels. But this is […]

Does Ivy Park use sweatshops?

Beyoncé and Sweatshops: Is ‘Ivy Park’ Unethical?

In 2016, Beyoncé announced her Ivy Park clothing line in collaboration with Topshop. The sportswear brand claims a “woman-power ethos”. Despite this, some journalists have connected Ivy Park with sweatshop use. An article published in The Sun in May 2016 claimed that workers in Sri Lanka making Ivy Park clothes received less than 44p an […]

Nike's Changing Attitude Towards Sweatshops

A History of Nike’s Changing Attitude to Sweatshops

Nike is a pioneer of sustainable infrastructure. Their 2016 Olympics campaign celebrated the diversity of the employees and supported female empowerment. In 2016, 48% of its global workforce were women and over half of its employees were minorities. Nike plans to run on 100% renewable energy by 2025. They are committed to transparency about working […]