Why do TNCs use sweatshops?

Why do TNCs use sweatshops?

Most people have heard that some trans-national companies (TNCs) turn profits comparable to the GDP of a small country. They will also have heard about TNCs use of sweatshops. The sensible question is – why? They have seen, or experienced, the negative publicity that it results in. They can afford not to, clearly. Glass Clothing […]

Dhaka Factory Fire

The 2012 tragedy of Tazreen Fashions

What negligence in the textile industry has led to In November 2012, Dhaka saw the nine story garment factory Tazreen Fashions set on fire as “A lot of people… [climbed] down the bamboo [scaffolding] tied against the building”, according to a worker at the factory, Zakir Hossain. This branded a scary mark in Bangladesh’s factory […]

Defending Slave Labour

How Some People Defend Sweatshops – And Why It’s Not Good Enough

Surprising thought it may sound, there are many people who set out to defend the practice of sweatshop use in developing countries. And these are not stupid people, either – neither are they uninformed. In many cases, it is academics, particularly economists, that write or speak in defence of sweatshops. The Argument Their main argument […]

How Current Global Politics Permits Exploitation of Third World Workers

How Current Global Politics Permits Exploitation of Third World Workers

The Current Political Climate Many brands in the affluent West have the ability to exploit poor workers in third-world countries using slave labour. This occurs from employers using workers for their instrumental rather than intrinsic value; the workers must manufacture clothes, and they will paid a very small wage; the employers will then pocket any profit […]

Sweatshop Graphic

The Economics of Sweatshop and Slave Labour Use

In recent years, our global economy is seeing a growth in the use of unethical labour practices. These practices include sweatshop use. According to the International Labour Organisation, child labour engages around 170 million children in the world. The ILO also states that the most popular form of employment is the clothing and textiles industry. […]


A Quick History of Sweatshops

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Sweatshop” before, and might have imagined secluded factories such as in a dystopian film. But it is possible that this is the extent of your knowledge surrounding sweatshops. Glass Clothing, as an ethical clothing company, believes that the fog surrounding sweatshops needs to be cleared, as this subject is often swept […]

Why Do Companies Use Slave Labour?

Why Do People Use Slave Labour? New Blog Series

Over the next few weeks, Glass Clothing aims to answer the question of Why People Use Slave Labour. We will be doing this over a series of blog posts. These will be released every Wednesday. The idea for this arose because it is difficult to understand why people would choose to exploit others. However, we […]