How Can I Help? A List of Ethical Brands

To help answer this inner dilemma, we have collected a list of other ethical brands, so you can browse to make your lifestyle that bit more ethical through your house, wardrobe or makeup bag.
We have a selection on chic, essentials and feel good clothing…


Producing “unique upcycled denim jackets”, this anyostories believes in “representing ethical thinking”, as Ånyo means “renew” in Swedish. Not your everyday purchase as the price can equate to a night’s shift, but this purchase will help tackle the “waste crisis” Anyostories and we at Glass Clothing feel passionate about.


Bhumi (meaning “Mother Nature”) are a company who sell bedding, clothing… well, everything! Not quite, they say to invest in Bhumi is to acquire “an ethical organic alternative for luxuriously soft bedding and everyday essentials”, as their products are Fairtrade, non-toxic and certified organic cotton. So, while you snuggle up in your bed at night, you can sleep tight knowing where your bedding has come from.

Thought clothing

Thought sell “natural, organic and recycled fabrics” as they believe the only way is the “thoughtful way”, we could all pick a leaf from this thoughtful tree! Despite their obsession with Hemp, cotton and “breathable bamboo”, buying one of their summer dresses will not only make you feel great, the clothing will literally feel great (as wool is “naturally cosy” and hemp is strong yet “still soft on the skin”). Definitely feeling good in more ways than one.

However, some of these investments may be out of your price range, and not all ethical spending has to break the bank. That being said, no one is obligated to do so! Just a follow on their socials to show support is enough.
Care is greater than currency.

And, of course, Glass Clothing

At Glass Clothing we make sure that no one slips under the radar, and no one is invisible. We do not tolerate the negligence of our workers and their work areas.

All tailors have a work day of eight hours with paid overtime and medical. In addition to this, are are over 21 years of age and are paid at least 2x the National Minimum Wage.

Learn more about who tailors our clothes here, or click here to shop now.

So, here are some worthy mentions of ethical brands that are easier to input into your daily routine…

Lush! Good ol’ Lush to reassure you with its enticing smells and concoctions… it will always be a favourite. “Vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics”.

The good ol’ Fairtrade sticker you can find on fruit and chocolate,because why not.

Dolly’s Mixtures Bubble bath/ Shower gel, a hidden cruelty free gem, costing a quid and with smells on par with Lush!

We hope this helps!

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