Why Do People Use Slave Labour? New Blog Series

Over the next few weeks, Glass Clothing aims to answer the question of Why People Use Slave Labour. We will be doing this over a series of blog posts. These will be released every Wednesday.

The idea for this arose because it is difficult to understand why people would choose to exploit others. However, we believe it is important to understand the motivations for doing this, so that we can tackle them effectively. Know your enemy, as they say.

We will come at the question from a variety of angles. This includes history, politics, and economics, as well as how some people attempt to defend its use.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce some new names and faces to our journalistic team, who will be playing a major part in this series.

Also, I will be writing about How Some People Defend Sweatshops – And Why It’s Not Good Enough.

This series will last several weeks, and its aim is to expose you to the origins of slave labour use, in order for you to better understand how to combat it.

I hope you enjoy!

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